Pressure side pool cleaner Guide 2017

Why do we need pool cleaners?

To families which own private pools, luxury hotels and resorts, cleaning pools is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and boring thing to do. You have to spend hours with all special, complicated equipment cleaning pools but you do not know for sure whether the pools are completely cleaned or not. Plus, although your family or your business have spent lots of money to buy the cleaning products, their efficiency do not make you satisfy. This problem happens over and over again until you know there is something called ‘’pool cleaners’’.


Pool cleaners, which are specialized equipment designed to clean pools in a smart and effective way, have been used widely all around the world. Families, luxury hotels, resorts and anywhere which owns a pool have been using these pool cleaners and they have achieved satisfied and amazing results with these products. Among many types of pool cleaners in the market, pressure side pool cleaners are one of the best pool cleaner reviews you can buy. These type of pool cleaner is favored by many families, luxury, classy hotels and resorts.

What are about pressure pool cleaners?

Pressure pool cleaners are not any new or strange product to professionals or people specialized in cleaning pools. In fact, best robotic pool cleaner reviews are traditional pool cleaners and were used a lot in the past, but until now, they still impress users by how amazing and effective the way they work. Pressure pool cleaners have been used popularly by owners of pools which are built with a pressure side port. These type of pool cleaners have both positive and negative features ad in this article, I will give you some information about two sides, especially to people who are new to this area, those information may help you learn something useful about the pool cleaners before deciding what type of pressure pool cleaner is appropriate for your pool.

Pressure pool cleaners have two types, with booster pump and without pump and those pressure cleaners with the pump are considered to be more effective and better products. Both types of pressure pool cleaners can be used automatically for hours when you are not near to the pool or even when you go out. They don’t need any supervision or any extra equipment. They work on their own.

Same as their name, pressure pool cleaners use the pressure of water to attract dirt and fragment and remove them. All the dirt and fragment go right into the bag which is attached next to the cleaner, so they reduce the wear and tear of the pool filter and the pump. If your pool is full of dirt, fragment or leaves fall from trees or you own an old pool, pressure pool cleaners are an ideal choice for you.

Negative side

The negative side of this type of pool cleaner is that most of them require a separate pump to make their job done best. If your pressure pool cleaner doesn’t have a pump, you will have to contact your pool professionals or the store where you buy the cleaner to get a booster pump to make your cleaner ready to work.

Best pressure pool cleaners

There are various brands of pressure pool cleaners in the market, all of them are popular and high quality products, such as Pentair Kreepy Krauly Racer Pool Cleaner, Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner, Pentair Kreepy Krauly Plantium, Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend II Pool Cleaner, Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner. You can search information about these equipment from Internet or pool professionals to get exact information and buy high quality, effective pool cleaner for your pool.

In general, among the best pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners are popular and are used widely. They may require a booster pump to work most effectively but they are the perfect choice for your pool if it is exposed to a lot of fragment or it is old pool with pressure side port. I hope this article gives you useful information about pressure pool cleaners to help you make up your mind and make right decision, because in the end, your family deserves to have happy, comfortable moments in the pool and your business deserves to grow after all the money and strenuous work you have done.

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