Band saw is commonly considered to be the safest tool in woodworking shop. However, every tool has its safety requirement so that user do not cause injury for themselves. In fact, cutter needs to use it properly to diminish risk of injury and then you can get the most use of a band saw.

band saw safety

1.     Safety equipment

The safety glasses are available to protect you while working on any woodworking projects. Remember to wear this. Especially when you use the saw band, its blades usually rotate at a very high speed which can cause many small pieces propelled in every direction. The worst thing is that it is likely to have small piece come loose at any time. It is valuable of your eyesight, therefore, do not risk to work without wearing safety glasses. It is best to keep this habit any time you work on wood.

Moreover, the noise comes from wood working also requiring you to wear safety gear to protect your ears. Choose ear plugs or ear muffs, any kind of it if you feel more comfortable.

Clothing are specifically designed for working in wood shop. Then wear it. But there is one thing to keep in mind that you should also avoid wearing too loose fitting clothing, especially shirts with long sleeves. They are very dangerous because we may get caught during your work and it is not safe for working with the band saw blade.

2.     Check band saw before cutting

You should make sure that the position you put the blade and wood, everything in the right place for a cut. There are a number of blocks and wheels in order to keep the blade through the cutting. You should check regularly and do some adjustments if necessary. It is also easy to break the blade if these blocks and wheels fails to work. The tension of the blade is also very important. Set it within the blade limit. It is clearly outlined in manufacturer’s manual.

When you get your band saw adjusted and tightened at the appropriate tension level, get ready to have the stock cut. The motor should be kept turned off, then you put the wood piece into place on the band saw table. Then lower the blade guards to 1/8” to ¼” of the stock.

Remember that the blade within its right distance will help to increase the accuracy of your cut. On the other hand, the high tension will only increase the likelihood of getting your blade broken.

3.     How to cut the woodpiece safely

First of all, let the band saw run to its full speed before any cut. When you operate with the band saw, always place the woodpiece stay flat against your table. It should remain staying flat on the table surface during the cutting process. Do not let the stock stay in the mid-air.

You may also use a rip fence and miter gauge for assisting the cut. It is not only to help the cut more accurate but also get you stay safe during your work.

Regarding cutting curves, it is advised that you should draw the project outline on the stock clearly. Then let it stay flat against the table. The stock is eased along the outer edge to get a good cut line.

You should move slowly enough while cutting curves to get the best result. Hold your stock firmly into place and turn the motor off with the other hand. You should not attempt to get the stock out of the cut until your blade has stopped completely.

For tight curves, use relief cuts and go slowly as possible.

4.     Keep hands away

Do not ever reach within the distance of about three inches near the blade during your cutting. One hand you keep it at each side to ease through the blade. You should never put your hands in the line if it is more than three inches away. When you have to keep the stock closer than three inches, do it with a push stick for safety.

Another thing to remember is that you should not try to reach across your band saw. The switch on or off is on which side, let your hand on that side do it.


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