Band saw is commonly considered to be the safest tool in woodworking shop. However, every tool has its safety requirement so that user do not cause injury for themselves. In fact, cutter needs to use it properly to diminish risk of injury and then you can get the most use of a band saw.

band saw safety

1.     Safety equipment

The safety glasses are available to protect you while working on any woodworking projects. Remember to wear this. Especially when you use the saw band, its blades usually rotate at a very high speed which can cause many small pieces propelled in every direction. The worst thing is that it is likely to have small piece come loose at any time. It is valuable of your eyesight, therefore, do not risk to work without wearing safety glasses. It is best to keep this habit any time you work on wood.

Moreover, the noise comes from wood working also requiring you to wear safety gear to protect your ears. Choose ear plugs or ear muffs, any kind of it if you feel more comfortable. Continue reading BAND SAW SAFETY TIPS

How to choose your bandsaw

Choosing your bandsaw

The band saw is a major machine in a woodworking workshop. The market offers a variety of models, features and different quality. Let’s see the characteristics to be considered in order to make the best choice for your needs.

band saw guide

  1. The machine bed

The frame of the structure is important. It determines the working capacity and quality of cut that is very sensitive to vibration. The frames are now cast uncommon (except for very large machines) in favor of welded frames.

  1. The gooseneck

This is the major dimensional characteristic. It corresponds to the distance between the saw blade and the frame, determining the maximum width possible sawing. Continue reading How to choose your bandsaw

Outdoor Baby Swing for lots of summer fun

I love swings. When I was a kid, they were my favorite thing on the playground. And now I am the mother of 3 children, hence, I put great effort on carefully selecting outdoor swings to bring back the magic for my children to enjoy a lot of summer fun.

In fact, when you see kids on the playground today, you see that flock to the swings. Swings give them the feeling of speed, the wind in their face and hair, and yet they are perfectly safe.

A good swing set is an investment that your children will enjoy for years. One of the main benefits of a swing is attracting many age groups. This is a toy that all siblings can enjoy equally. Before choosing a swing for the playground in the backyard, you’ll have to think about all of your options, including whether to buy a ready-made one or build one yourself.

Continue reading Outdoor Baby Swing for lots of summer fun